Huy Praises Our Tribal Supporters & Reflects on Our Accomplishments

Oct 10th, 2013


Our Hands Go Up To The Following Washington Tribes:

• The Muckleshoot Tribe for donating $5,000 to Huy and another $50,000 directly to DOC Circles
• The Swinomish Tribe for donating $15,000 to Huy and 100 pounds of fresh salmon to the Circles
• The Nisqually Tribe for donating $6,000 to Huy
• The Snoqualmie Tribe for donating $5,000 to Huy
• The Spokane Tribe of Indians for donating $1,000 to Huy

Together, Huy and Washington Tribes have gifted nearly $100,000 to support the traditional Indian religious ways of our relatives who are seeking spiritual rehabilitation from within DOC Iron Houses.

With Washington Tribal Support, Huy Has:

• Gifted monies to the Circles for: sweatlodge firewood; materials to build a new sweatlodge (Stafford Creek); materials to make a group drum for a new Circle (Walla Walla); salmon and traditional foods for various pow wows; and, security for tribal children to attend those pow wows
• Entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the DOC regarding tribal religious funding
• Submitted a report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, along with NCAI, ATNI, NARF, NNABA, California Tribes, and the ACLU, requesting inquiry into an increasingly pervasive pattern of federal, state and local restrictions upon Native American inmates’ religious freedoms
• Submitted a report to the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, with the support of ATNI, requesting his investigation into state and local prisons’ violation of Native American inmates’ religious freedoms throughout the United States
• Sponsored ATNI Resolution 13-63 (Kalispel) and NCAI Resolution REN-13-005 (Reno), denouncing “any federal, state or local government restrictions placed upon incarcerated Native Peoples’ inherent rights to believe, express, and exercise their traditional religions and practice”
• Appeared as Friend of the Court to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and Washington State Supreme Court, in support of the civil liberties and religious freedoms of Native American prisoners

If Your Tribe Has Yet Not Gifted To Huy Or The DOC Indian Circles, We Kindly Ask That You Please Consider Doing So.